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My books have received some lovely reviews and coverage from a variety of publications.

A sampling of published reviews includes:

For the Southern Farmers Market Cookbook

“Ever visit your local farmer’s market and find yourself loaded up with an abundance of fresh, yummy, locally grown fruits and veggies, and then find yourself back home looking at it all on your counter top and saying to yourself “Now what?, now that I have all of this yummy goodness setting here, what can I make with all of it?”. . . This is a book that you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again after your weekend visits to your local farmers market. No more of the “What shall I make with this?” game. Now you’ll have the answer with more than 75 seasonal recipes to help you along the way. As we say in the South “Ya’ll eat up now!” Tina Wilson Small Town Living

“As fresh as a basket of just-picked produce—and every bit as appealing—Holly Herrick’s Southern Farmers Market Cookbook sprouts in bookstores this month. Chock full of colorful recipes, it’s the perfect helpmate for at-home cooks looking to make the most of the Lowcountry’s bountiful harvest.” Charleston Magazine, To Market, To Market by Marion Sullivan

“Herrick’s philosophy of cooking what’s fresh that day—and building your pantry to support that style of cooking—is inspiring, encouraging us to shake loose our reliance on shopping lists and take our cues directly from the source.” Charleston Magazine Taking Stock by Matt and Tedd Lee

For The Charleston Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Heart of the Old South

Charleston has needed a cookbook devoted to its great restaurants for a long time, and now we’ve got one – and it’s a winner. Charleston Currents, December 17, 2009

….this cookbook promises to be a good addition to any Charleston-lovers bookshelf, whether they cook or not. Charleston City Paper, December 16, 2009

“Whether you happen to live in Charleston, SC, plan to visit it soon, or just like to know what’s going on with Lowcountry cooking, you have to get a hold of Holly Herrick’s book: The Charleston Chef’s Table Cookbook – Extraordinary Recipes from the Heart of The Old South.” From

“Local epicure Holly Herrick is on a roll. Just six months after debuting her Southern Farmers Market Cookbook, the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef served up a second volume: The Charleston Chef’s Table—part celebration of our city’s unique food culture, part cookbook, part restaurant guide—which hit bookstores in late December.” Charleston Magazine Eat Local by Anna Evans

“Her effusive enthusiasm for good food and honest preparations is woven through her newest book, The Charleston Chef’s Table, which celebrates Charleston’s current culinary landscape. OKRA had a chance to sit down and talk with her about the book and great city she calls home, of course as seen through the lens of some great recipes and restaurants.” A Conversation with Charlestonian Holly Herrick-OkraHalf-dozen cookbook winners announced!

For Tart Love: Sassy, Savory, and Sweet (release date October 1, 2011)

“If you’ve ever been intimidated by tarts–surely cooking’s most gorgeous, sculptural form–Holly Herrick’s Tart Love will have you crafting them expertly in no time. Herrick’s master pastry recipes are easy to use, and her recipes for tarts both sweet and savory are truly creative, and delicious to boot. We love Tart Love!”–Matt Lee and Ted Lee, authors of The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook and The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern (August, 2011)

If you’d like to read the Amazon Reviews for each book, please click the links below.

Southern Farmers Market Cookbook

The Charleston Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the Heart of the Old South

Tart Love, Sassy, Savory and Sweet


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