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A Year of Comfort Foods and Old-Fashioned Southern Goodness

In many ways, 2011 was a truly calamitous and difficult year, a year many of us would rather forget. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, war, and the ongoing drudgery of the economy seemed to bombard the world with relentless, reckless cruelty … Continue reading

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Funky, Fresh Seafood Shack

It took me three drive-by’s and lots of recommendations to finally take the proverbial stab at The Crab Shack on Tybee Island. With all of its endearingly cheesy fishing kitsch (complete with an alligator pond and a giant red crab … Continue reading

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The Hits Keep Coming Down Savannah Way

It’s not supposed to happen this way! After  five months of combing Savannah for her best dining establishments as part of research for Savannah Chef’s Table (Globe Pequot Press, Fall, 2012), I would have expected that my list of food … Continue reading

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Savannah’s Favorites That Won’t Break the Bank – Updated

I’ve finally found time to update the still partial list for my recommended lists for dining and general noshing and sipping in Savannah now that Food Lovers’ Charleston & Savannah is off to the publisher. Please feel free to use … Continue reading

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Sammy’s Sliders are Way Smooth

Just this morning, I was discussing with a friend that I’m generally more comfortable when I’m slightly under-fed than when I’m slightly over-fed. My job, as lovely as it is, requires, at times, that I eat more than I’m comfortable … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Cover for Food Lovers’ Charleston and Savannah

Just in from the editor’s desk….   I am so pleased. Let’s hope the content is as pretty and tempting as the cover:) To be released later this fall, 2011, Globe Pequot Press. Share/Bookmark

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More Savannah Surprises

Round four of my Savannah restaurant/scouting research trip for Food Lovers’ Guide to Charleston and Savannah proved to be the most delicious to date. I love how Savannah keeps surprising me with her breadth and depth of deliciousness all across … Continue reading

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Savannah Sweet Spots

The buzz on Broughton Street, in the heart of Savannah’s shopping/retail district, is The Savannah Bee Company. This lively store is jam packed with golden, gorgeous honey, which is harvested by hand and beautifully packaged. There is honey to go with cheese, … Continue reading

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Savoring Savannah One Step at a Time

Getting to know a beautiful, old city anew is a little bit like falling in love, I think. First, there is the initial attraction, that pull from the gut that tells you this one is special and the overwhelming sense that … Continue reading

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